Two tempered glass panels

Two tempered glass panels covering the Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB case are a response to the expectations of users who are particularly interested in the exposure of an aesthetically built and powerful computer. Behind the front panel there are three (out of four in total) Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fans which enlighten the whole computer set.

Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB, as a flagship SilentiumPC chassis, is equipped with two tempered glass panels (front and side), as well as an advanced addressable lighting (ARGB) system. Combined with the extraordinary spaciousness and functionality (e.g. the ability to install nine storage drives or two 360 mm radiators at the same time), it creates a great basis for building a very efficient and visually attractive computer for the gamer, with many possibilities of personalizing its appearance, i.a. through the optional vertical mounting of the graphics card.

Addressable lighting (ARGB LED) system

The SilentiumPC Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB chassis is equipped with an addressable LED lighting system in the form of four Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fans, which are perfectly visible through two tempered glass panels. Controlling effects and colors using a separate button at the front of the case is possible thanks to the advanced Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB controller – with support for up to 6 ARGB devices.

  • Two tempered glass panels: front and side.
  • Addressable lighting (ARGB) system with Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB controller: four Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fans with fully illuminated translucent blades.
  • Spacious and extraordinarily functional dual chamber structure.
  • Extensive AIO liquid cooling compatibility: 120/140/240/280/360 mm at the front, 120/140/240/280/360 mm on top and 120/140 mm at the rear.
  • Four high pressure Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fans. Up to 7 120/140 mm fans can be installed.
  • PWM controller (Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB) for max. six 4- or 3-pin fans.
  • Full set of dust filters: two at the front, at the bottom and on top.
  • Compatibility with very long graphics cards (up to 420 mm) and tall CPU tower coolers (up to 178 mm).
  • Space for six 2,5” storage drives with additional three hybrid 2,5”/3,5” slots.
  • Cable arrangement system with numerous cutouts and 31,5 mm of free space between the back of the motherboard tray and side panel’s inner wall.

Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF

Four illuminated high-pressure fans are responsible for cooling the components inside the Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB case: Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF. They ensure high airflow, adapted to the segment and intended use of the case.

Advanced Aurora Sync Evo PWM ARGB controller

The chassis is equipped as standard with the advanced Aurora Sync Evo PMW ARGB controller, which allows you to connect 6 fans to one FAN PWM output on the motherboard an thus adjust the ventilation depending on the CPU temperature or manually. Controlling the PWM function is also possible even when the connected fans are 3-pin (non-PWM). It also supports up to 6 ARGB devices, what allows to manage their lighting.

Vertical GPU mount

Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB offers the ability to mount the GPU vertically, close to the tempered glass panel, for better visibility of this component.

Broad AIO LC compatibility

The case will fit integrated liquid cooling systems (AIO). Their radiators can be 120/140/240/280/360 (front), 120/140/240/280/360 (suspended under the top) or 120/140 mm (rear) long. Importantly, you can install up to three radiators at the same time!

Four dust filters

A set of standard dust filters: two at the front, one at the top and one under the PSU, helps to keep the interior of Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB and installed components clean.

Interchangeable I/O control panel

The I/O control panel of Armis AR7X Evo TG ARGB can be mounted in a place convenient for the user: at the top (factory setting) or at the bottom of the front panel.

2× USB 3.1 Gen 1 (3.0) and fan controller on front panel

Two modern USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.0) ports and a built-in fan speed controller, conveniently located on the front panel, offering three modes that affect the fans' RPM: fast, moderate and automatic.

Cable arrangement system

The case utilizes an advanced cable arrangement system consisting of numerous cutouts and cable ties, and a plenty of space between the back of the motherboard tray and the inner wall of side panel allows for very precise arrangement of all the cables without obstructing the airflow.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical specification

  • HEIGHT [mm]:518
  • WIDTH [mm]:243
  • DEPTH [mm]:508
  • BOX SIZE [mm]:575×300×568
  • NET WEIGHT[kg]:9,80
  • GROSS WEIGHT [kg]:11,86
  • HDD/SSD:6× 2,5", 3× 2,5"/3,5"
  • 5,25" ODD Bays:0
  • CPU COOLER [MM]:178
  • GPU LENGTH [MM]:420
  • PSU LENGTH [MM]:220
  • Logistic data
    • Product color:BLACK
    • Product code:SPC251
    • EAN:5903018661155
    • PRODUCT TYPE:PC Case with tempered glass
    • FANS MAX:7
    • INCLUDED FAN SPEED ±10% [RPM]:1200
    • Asrock Polychrome Sync (4-pin RGB):NO
    • Asus Aura (4-pin RGB):NO
    • BioStar Vivid LED (4-pin RGB):NO
    • EVGA RGB header (4-pin RGB):NO
    • Gigabyte RGB (4-pin RGB):NO
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion (5-pin RGBW):NO
    • MSI Mystic Light (4-pin RGB):NO
    • Asrock Polychrome Sync:YES
    • Asus Aura Sync:YES
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (3-pin):YES
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (2+1-pin):YES
    • MSI Mystic Light:YES
    • USB 3.2 GEN 1 (type A):2
    • USB 2.0:0

    Set includes

    • SilentiumPC Armis AR7X EVO TG ARGB case
    • Aurora Sync EVO PWM ARGB controller
    • 4 × Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fan
    • mounting accessories
    • User manual

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