The Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB housing features a high airflow provided by the open front panel as well as four backlit Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF high pressure fans. The Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB has a spacious design that accommodates 345 mm graphics cards and a 159 mm high CPU air cooling system. A liquid cooling system (AIO) in 240 or 280 sizes fits seamlessly above or in front of the case. Fresh air enters through a ventilated front with numerous 0.9 mm diameter apertures. This makes the SilentiumPC Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB the perfect base even for high-performance computers equipped with e.g. 12-core, high-impact CPUs and modern graphics cards with increased TDP and an extensive cooling circuit.

Exceptionally high airflow

Proper ventilation of the Ventum VT4V EVO TG ARGB case interior and low temperatures of the installed components are ensured thanks to the specially designed open front with ultra-high airflow and four high-pressure Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fans.

  • A breathable mesh front.
  • ARGB LED addressable backlight system with controller.
  • Four high-pressure fans with backlight: Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF.
  • Splitter for 5 ARGB devices and 5 fans.
  • Spacious and two-chamber design with deep service bay.
  • Compatible with liquid cooling systems (AIO): 120/140/240/280 mm front, 120/240/280 mm top, 120 mm rear.
  • Potential to install a 159 mm high CPU cooling kit and 345 mm long graphics card.
  • Dust filter system: above and below the housing.
  • Data carriers for SATA connector: 3 × 2.5" and 2 × 3.5".
  • Cabling arrangement system with numerous conduits and clips.

ARGB LED backlighting system

The SilentiumPC Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB housing is equipped with a set of four high-pressure fans: Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF. Three of them are mounted on the front of the casing and the fourth one on the rear wall. They generate not only high airflow but also high pressure, which helps to keep the inside of the computer clean. The set includes an advanced controller of addressable LED backlighting - Nano-Reset ARGB - with several dozen modes: different effects, set colours. The set also includes a splitter for a total of 5 ARGB devices and 5 fans, which enables them to be connected to one socket in the controller or motherboard.

Lighting controller: Nano-Reset ARGB

The Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB case comes with an advanced ARGB LED controller – Nano-Reset ARGB – which supports several dozen eye-catching modes. The ARGB (5V) LED system is fully compatible with other SilentiumPC ARGB devices. These include liquid AIO coolers - Navis Evo ARGB, air coolers with an ARGB backlight, Aurora Stripes ARGB LED strips as well as Stella and Corona ARGB fans.

ARGB and PWM splitter

The Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB case has a splitter for a total of 5 ARGB devices and 5 fans, which allows them to be connected to one socket on the controller or motherboard

Windowed side panel

The large side panel made of tempered glass provides a perfect view of the components inside your Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB case.

AIO LC compatibility

The user can also install an integrated liquid cooling system (AiO) on the processor. Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB will accommodate 120/140/240 or 280 mm radiators both at the front and under the top of the case. The top of the case has been raised so that the AiO radiator suspended under it doesn't interfere with the motherboard, and thus the RAM modules installed on it.

I/O panel: 2× USB 3.2 Gen 1

All the important ports and buttons at your fingertips – 2 × USB 3.2 Gen1 (3.0), audio ports and POWER and RESET buttons.

SSD mounts behind the motherboard

The lower chamber and service bay of the Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB provides space for two 3.5" disks - mounted with vibration-reducing rubber screws - and three 2.5" carriers bolted to the rear of the partition in special channels.

Dust filters

A set of dust filters – under the power supply and on the top of the case, conveniently mounted in a magnetic frame – as well as a specially designed front panel with small openings about 0.9 mm in diameter protect the computer from getting dirty. Simply wipe it off with a cloth to remove the layer of dust caught there. Air can flow freely through these openings, which effectively lowers the temperature of the components mounted inside the Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB case.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical specification

  • HEIGHT [mm]:485
  • WIDTH [mm]:210
  • DEPTH [mm]:440
  • BOX SIZE [mm]:470×252×514
  • NET WEIGHT[kg]:6,25
  • GROSS WEIGHT [kg]:7,25
  • HDD/SSD:3 × 2,5", 2 × 3,5"
  • 5,25" ODD Bays:0
  • CPU COOLER [MM]:159
  • GPU LENGTH [MM]:345
  • PSU LENGTH [MM]:180
  • Logistic data
    • Product color:BLACK
    • Product code:SPC294
    • EAN:5903018662145
    • PRODUCT TYPE:PC Case with tempered glass
    • FANS MAX:8
    • INCLUDED FAN SPEED ±10% [RPM]:1200
    • Asrock Polychrome Sync:YES
    • Asus Aura Sync:YES
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (3-pin):NO
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (2+1-pin):YES
    • MSI Mystic Light:YES
    • USB 3.2 GEN 1 (type A):2
    • USB 2.0:0

    Set includes

    • SilentiumPC Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB case
    • 4 × Stella HP ARGB 120 mm CF fan
    • Nano-Reset ARGB controller with splitter
    • installation accessories
    • PC speaker
    • User manual

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