The Sigma HP 120 mm PWM KIT is a set of three powerful fans, each with nine specially shaped blades for high-static pressure and a very wide range of useful speeds. This means it will work not only in the case, but also on the radiator of an integrated liquid cooling set (All-In-One). Anyone interested in improving the ventilation of their PC can choose between one Sigma HP 120 mm fan in a standard or faster version with PWM control, and sets of three: Sigma HP 120 KIT or Sigma HP 120 PWM KIT.

High-static pressure

The SilentiumPC Sigma HP 120 mm PWM fan is equipped with nine specially shaped blades that generate high-static pressure. This, combined with a maximum speed of 2300 RPM (± 10%), ensures a high airflow even in the presence of a dust filter.

Reliable operation

The high operating culture of the Sigma HP 120 mm PWM fan is ensured by the modern hydraulic bearing (HBS – Hydraulic Bearing System) and streamlined shape of the blades along with the special anti-vibration spacers over the mounting screws.

  • set of three 120 mm fans
  • high-static pressure and high airflow
  • very wide range of speed: 250-2300 RPM (± 10%)
  • nine specially profiled blades
  • the fan speed controlled through the PWM function
  • anti-vibration spacers,
  • quiet and durable HBS hydraulic bearings
  • low power consumption – several fans can be connected to one socket
  • splitters at the end of the cables
  • elegant look with black rotor and blades

Anti-vibration spacers

The special anti-vibration spacers over the mounting screws effectively eliminate the unwanted vibrations.

Fan speed control

The speed is controlled by the PWM function (a 4-pin plug), which is supported by motherboards and popular controllers.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical specification

  • Product code:SPC193
  • EAN:5903018662039
  • Product type:120 mm fans
  • Size (mm):120×120×25
  • Bearing type:HBS (Hydraulic)
  • Fan speed (RPM):250 - 2300 ±10%
  • Rated voltage - Fan (V):12
  • Rated current - Fan (A):0.28
  • MTBF (h):50 000
  • Connector:4 PIN
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:460
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:415
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:125×80×140

    Set includes

    • 3 × Sigma HP 120 mm PWM fan
    • screws

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