The Sigma HP 120 mm KIT is a set of three powerful fans, each with nine specially shaped blades for high-static pressure. This means it will work not only in the case, but also on the radiator of an integrated liquid cooling set (All-In-One). Anyone interested in improving the ventilation of their PC can choose between one Sigma HP 120 mm fan in a standard or faster version with PWM control, and sets of three: Sigma HP 120 KIT or Sigma HP 120 PWM KIT.

High-static pressure

The SilentiumPC Sigma HP 120 mm fan is equipped with nine specially shaped blades that generate high-static pressure. This, combined with a maximum speed of 1200 RPM (± 10%), ensures a high airflow even in the presence of a dust filter.

Reliable operation

The high operating culture of the Sigma HP 120 mm fan is ensured by the modern hydraulic bearing (HBS – Hydraulic Bearing System) and streamlined shape of the blades along with the special anti-vibration spacers over the mounting screws.

  • set of three 120 mm fans
  • high-static pressure and high airflow
  • nine specially profiled blades
  • maximum speed of 1200 RPM (± 10%)
  • the fan speed controlled through the supply voltage function
  • anti-vibration spacers,
  • quiet and durable HBS hydraulic bearings
  • low power consumption – several fans can be connected to one socket
  • splitters at the end of the cables
  • elegant look with black rotor and blades

Anti-vibration spacers

The special anti-vibration spacers over the mounting screws effectively eliminate the unwanted vibrations.

Fan speed control

The speed is controlled by the change of supply voltage (DC), which is supported by motherboards and popular controllers.


(Click to zoom. Actual dimensions may vary.)

Technical specification

  • Product code:SPC192
  • EAN:5903018662015
  • Product type:120 mm fans
  • Size (mm):120×120×25
  • Bearing type:HBS (Hydraulic)
  • Fan speed (RPM):1200 ±10%
  • Rated voltage - Fan (V):12
  • Rated current - Fan (A):0.12
  • MTBF (h):50 000
  • Connector:3 PIN
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:445
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:401
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:125×80×140

    Set includes

    • 3 × Sigma HP 120 mm fan
    • screws

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