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Developed with Synergy Cooling

Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan has been co-developed with Synergy Cooling. Already acclaimed as a part of Fera 5 ARGB air cooler, it is now available separately.

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SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB creates high static pressure required for creating good airflow in restrictive applications. It provides good performance and excellent acoustic properties not only on dense water cooling radiators, but also in cases with dust filters on air inlets.

SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB can be connected to a single ARGB connector, and also has the ability to be synchronized with many other SilentiumPC products: e.g. Aurora Stripes ARGB LED strips, ARGB fans (e.g. Stella HP or Corona HP ARGB), as well as Astrum, Armis, Regnum, Signum, and Ventum cases (with ARGB compatibility). The backlight system can be also synchronized with a compatible motherboard equipped with a 3-pin ARGB connector (with a 2 + 1 pin plug).

Users can expect a 1-3 °C reduction in temperatures compared to other fans commonly paired with AIO liquid coolers – together with reduced noise levels. Wide range of speed regulation – from 300 (±100) to 1800 (±10%) rpm – makes Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB suitable for use both on bigger (360 mm) and smaller (240 mm, 120 mm) radiators, which usually require higher fan speeds.

Thanks to high endurance FDB bearing Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fans are covered by 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Addressable RGB (ARGB) with a full range of effects available to the user.
  • Lighting adjustment set individually to each LED source.
  • High performance against airflow restrictions like water cooling radiators and dust filters.
  • Excellent acoustic performance.
  • Very wide range of speed adjustment (300 to 1800 rpm).
  • PWM speed control with fan stop feature.
  • Long-life fluid dynamic bearing.
  • Built-in antivibration elements.
  • Built-in power and PWM signal splitter.

Excellent acoustics

Serrated leading edges of fan blades contribute to noise reduction. This reduces prominent tonal noises and is at heart of our patent-pending psychoacoustic optimization.

Addressable-RGB Illumination System

Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan allows for fully individual adjustment of effects, colours and styles in correspondence with the user's expectations. Visual aspects can be controlled separately for each of the installed LEDs. The user can choose from a wide array of illumination effects, as well as almost any of the 16 million colours available in their various combinations: from a shimmering rainbow, to static lighting of a specific colour, slow modes, gradual colour changes, calm breathing effects, and even wave effects.

Fan stop - optional semi-passive mode

Fluctus fans stop at very low PWM duty cycle and start automatically with rising duty cycle. Enthusiasts can create an optional semi-passive operation mode by adjusting the fan speed control curve.

Fluid dynamic bearing

Modern, high endurance FDB bearing ensures smooth and quiet operation for long years.

Built-in vibration dampeners

All-axis rubber dampeners built into the fan frame reduce the risk of vibrations in adjacent elements without breaking compatibility with standard 120 mm fan placements.

PWM speed control

Fan speed can be controlled by PWM signal (standard 4-pin fan header) with compatible motherboards and controllers.

Built-in PWM and ARGB splitter

Power and LED splitter built into the cable allows users to connect another fan to the same speed and illumination control source.

6 year warranty

High quality and durability of FDB bearing together with Fluctus 120 PWM fan IC is confirmed by long, 6 year warranty.


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Technical data

  • Product code:SPC317
  • EAN:5903018663494
  • Product type:120 mm fan
  • Size (mm):120×120×25
  • Bearing type:FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
  • Fan speed (RPM):300 (±100) - 1800 (±10%)
  • Rated voltage - Fan (V):12
  • Rated voltage - LED (V):5
  • Rated current - Fan (A):0.30
  • Rated current - LED (A):0.30
  • MTBF (h):100 000
  • Connector:4 PIN PWM + 3 PIN ARGB
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:139
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:199
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:145×130×28
    • Asrock Polychrome Sync:YES
    • Asus Aura Sync:YES
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (3-pin):NO
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (2+1-pin):YES
    • MSI Mystic Light:YES

    Set includes

    • 1 × Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan
    • 1 × 40 cm PWM EXTENSION CABLE

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