Quiet operation

ZEPHYR fans offer quiet operation thanks to modern HBS (Hydraulic Bearing System) bearing.

The ZEPHYR fan series offer exceptional high quality manufacturing, silent operating and competitive price. Available in sizes ranging from 40 to 140mm making it easy to select a product most suited to user needs.

Classic look

The fan’s classic black color matches most cases and its coated power cable enables to maintain an efficient cable arrangement and is easy to lay.

  • quiet operation
  • classic look
  • high quality HBS bearing
  • anti-vibration silicon pads for screws
  • black power cable
  • 3-pin connector


The set also includes silicone pads for screws which reduce vibration.

Technical specification

  • Product code:SPC013
  • EAN:5900308750964
  • Product type:70 mm fan
  • Size (mm):70×70×15
  • Bearing type:HBS (Hydraulic)
  • Fan speed (RPM):2000 ±10%
  • Rated voltage - Fan (V):12
  • Rated current - Fan (A):0.12
  • MTBF (h):50 000
  • Connector:3 PIN
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:50
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:62
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:110×75×18

    Set includes

    • 1 × Zephyr 70 fan
    • screws
    • silicone pads

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