DC-DC converter

The high performance of the Vero M3 600 W Bronze is the result of using proven high-end components, previously known rather from higher segments. Its basis are DC-DC converters as well as Taiwanese electrolytic and aluminum-polymer (solid state) Teapo capacitors, all certified to operate at temperatures up to 105⁰C.

The semi-modular Vero M3 600 W ATX computer power supply means very high efficiency, confirmed by 80 PLUS® Bronze 230V certificate, modern and efficient DC-DC converters, extremely powerful single +12 V line, very quiet operation in a large load range, as well as a rich set of black, flat and partly detachable wiring. Confirmation of its high quality is a 3-year warranty.

80 Plus® Bronze certificate

The high efficiency of the Vero M3 600 W has been confirmed by the 80 PLUS® Bronze certificate. The measured efficiency of the power supply meets the requirements of the standard with a great deal: about 87% at 20% load, ~ 90% at 50% and over 87% at a demand equal to the maximum power of the power supply.

  • 600 W of total continuous power
  • DC-DC converters
  • semi-modular cabling
  • 80 PLUS® 230V Bronze certificate – energy efficiency up to 89% @ 230V
  • very powerful single +12 V line, generating up to 588 W
  • only Taiwanese Teapo capacitors: electrolytic and aluminum-polymer (solid state), certified up to 105⁰C
  • main filtering capacitor: Teapo 390 µF 450 V
  • very silent operation up to 500 W of load
  • two PCI-E 8-pin (2 × 6+2) connectors for demanding graphics cards
  • two EPS 8-pin (2 × 4+4) connectors for overclocked CPUs
  • full compliance with Intel C6/C7 modes and ErP Lot 6 2013 standard
  • whole set of protections
  • flat and elastic ribbon cable harnesses to simplify cable arrangement
  • 3-year warranty

Quiet Sigma HP 120 fan

High efficiency means not only lower energy bills, but also less heat generated, and thus lower temperatures inside the power supply and its quieter operation. Thanks to this, a thermally controlled Sigma HP 120 mm fan with HBS bearing can operate at a very low speed (up to 750 RPM) up to half the rated power of the Vero M3 600 W semi-modular power supply. However, even at higher demand the fan does not spin above 1000 RPM: up to about 500 W. Thus, the noise generated by the fan is clearly quieter than in the previous family of Vero L2 / M2 power supplies.

Powerful +12 V line for modern processors and graphics cards

One powerful +12 V line allows great freedom in computer configuration, regardless of whether it is to be a set for the gamer – with a balanced load generated by the processor and graphics card - or a workstation with an above-average performance and a demanding CPU. The Vero M3 600 W is able to provide 588 W on a +12 V line on a continuous basis.

Wide array of protections

The security of the Vero M3 600 W and components it is powering is supervised by a full set of protections, such as short circuit protection (SCP), overload protection (OVP), against too low (UVP) or high (OVP) voltage or against inrush currents.

Semi-modular and flat cabling with rich set of connectors

The Vero M3 Bronze 600 W is partly modular: always used 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS wires (two connectors in 4 + 4 system) are permanently attached, while the rest of the wiring (including 2 separate PCI-E bundles, MOLEX and SATA) is modular and can be freely disconnected / connected depending on the current needs of the user. In addition, all cables are flat, which allows them to be easily distributed inside the chassis while improving air circulation.

3-year warranty

The confirmation of the highest class of SilentiumPC Vero M3 Bronze power supplies is a 3-year warranty.


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Technical specification

  • EAN:5903018661339
  • Product type:ATX Power Supply (partially modular)
  • Type of cables:Partially Modular
  • POWER [W]:600
  • Efficiency certificate:80Plus Bronze EU
  • Warranty [m]:36
  • TYPE OF CABLES:Partially Modular
  • CAPACITORS:Taiwanese
  • LENGTH [MM]:160
  • CURRENT AT 12V [A]:49
  • CURRENT AT 5V [A]:15
  • CURRENT AT 3.3V [A]:15
  • FAN SIZE [MM]:120
  • FAN BEARING:Hydraulic
  • ErP LoT 6:YES
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:295×245×92
  • NET WEIGHT [kg]:1,79
  • GROSS WEIGHT [kg]:2,19
    • MAIN 24PIN [PCS]:1
    • CPU 4/8PIN [PCS]:2
    • PCIE 6/8PIN [PCS]:2
    • SATA [PCS]:7
    • MOLEX [PCS]:2
    • FDD [PCS]:0

    Set includes

    • VERO M3 600 W PSU WITH ATX 24-PIN AND 2× EPS 8-PIN (4+4) CABLING
    • 230 V EU POWER PLUG (IEC 320 C13)
    • cable ties
    • warranty card

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