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Sigma EVO 120mm REV 1.0

A union of benefits – is one short way to describe the Sigma EVO 120mm fan. The collective suggestions and experience of many users contributed to the creation of the brand new SilentiumPC fan. Sigma EVO consists of a uniquely shaped rotor and 9 blades corresponding to its form. Its design goes hand in hand with performance and the noise level can be decreased by means of a voltage reduction adapter.

The bearing (Hydraulic) used in Sigma EVO operates silently and provides a stable performance. Users appreciating an attractive design will be happy to find that all elements including the cable coating (40cm of length), plug, screws, pins and adapter are tinted black.


  • high quality material
  • sturdy construction
  • smooth and silent operating hydraulic bearing
  • 9 fan blades provide high airflow
  • low noise adapter
  • 40cm fan cable
  • elegant black sleeve
  • silicon pins and black mountiong screws supplied with the fan

In the box:

  • Sigma EVO fan
  • black mounting screws (4 pcs.)
  • black antivibration silicon pins (4 pcs.)
  • low noise adapter

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 (mm)
  • Fan speed 12V: 1300 (rpm)
  • Fan speed with low noise adapter: 800 (rpm)
  • Airflow: max 51,82CFM / 88,09 m3h
  • Noise at full speed12V: 15,88 dB/A
  • Noise with low noise adapter: 8,79 dB/A
  • Bearing: Hydraulic
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 0,25A
  • Connector: 3pin
  • Mean time between failures: 50000 h
  • EAN: 5900308750537
  • Product’s code: SPC057

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