Extreme performance

Pactum PT-4 thermal compound offers high performance and therefore is best suited for highest performing CPUs and GPUs on the market.

Pactum PT-4 4 g thermal compound SilentiumPC’s next step towards improving the cooling of integrated circuits. Advanced formulation with very high thermal conductivity significantly improves heat flow between the chip and its cooling system, reducing operating temperature. That also increases the frequency headroom, whether by automatic boost modes of modern computing engines, or by manual overclocking.

Its high thermal conductivity – 12 W(m·K) – makes it possible to improve the performance of CPU and GPU cooling systems. Pactum PT-4’s excellent properties are a result of its enhanced formula built upon compounds of zinc and aluminium.

  • High thermal conductivity: 12 W/(m·K)
  • advanced formula with aluminium and zinc compounds
  • low viscosity for easy application
  • non-curing
  • non-conductive
  • compatible with copper, aluminium or nickel-plated heatsink bases
  • sufficient for several (6-13) applications, depending on the size of the chip

Convenient applicator

Indemanding applications, or on very big surfaces, you may use the included spatula to easily spread the paste.

Technical data

  • Product code:SPC310
  • EAN:5903018663067
  • Product type:Thermal Compound
  • Warranty [m]:24
  • Net weight [g]:8
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:12
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:195×160×10
  • Thermal grease parameters
    • Thermal conductivity [W/mK]:12
    • Specific gravity [g/cm³]:2.60

    Set includes

    • 1 × Pactum PT-4 4 g thermal compound
    • spatula

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