Extreme performance

Pactum PT-2 thermal compound offers extreme performance and therefore is best suited for highest performing CPUs and GPUs on the market

Pactum PT-2 is another step up in thermal conductivity, it’s advanced formula offers extreme performance for the enthusiasts wishing to add the last bit of extra performance or just for regular maintenance of the cooling systems.

Convenient applicator

Application of Pactum PT-2 is straightforward and fast thanks to included convenient applicator

  • Advanced formula
  • Extreme performance
  • Easy application
  • Versatility of applications
  • Convenient applicator included

Technical specification

  • Product code:SPC151
  • Warranty [m]:24
  • EAN bar code5904730204453
  • Nett weight [g]10
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]22
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]165×77×17
  • Thermal grease parameters
    • Thermal conductivity [W/mK]:5
    • Thermal impendance [in²/W]:0.165
    • Specific gravity [g/cm³]:2.67
    • Operation temperature [°C]:- 40 ÷ 240

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