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ARGB LED lighting

Addressable RGB, i.e. ARGB provides a possiblility of setting the color of each light source individually. As a result, each of the 9 LEDs placed in a rotor of Stella HP ARGB fans can emit a different color. This is what opens huge possibilities of light effects creation, such as a rainbow or smooth transitions. Lighting of both the fans and a pump block uses standardized 3-pin ARGB connector compatible with motherboards’ addressable RGB systems.

SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB 280 is an i.a. addressable RGB enriched version of popular SilentiumPC AIO kits. Quiet and equipped with hydraulic bearing, the pump block is connected to a 280 mm radiator and its two 140 mm fans. What marks out the Navis Evo ARGB as a cooler are elastic braided tubes and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally – for the most demanding users owning any of the AMD Threadripper CPUs – the Navis Evo ARGB 280 kits are equipped with suitable clips compatible with the TR4 socket. Another compatible sockets are i.a.: Intel LGA 2066, LGA 2011, LGA 115x, AMD AM4, AM3(+), AM2(+).

Separate lines – Navis Evo ARGB and Navis RGB – of SilentiumPC AiO kits, allow to make a right choice when it comes to proper lighting type dependably of users’ taste, but also their PCs’ color concept. The selection of Navis RGB and Navis Evo ARGB kits includes all popular radiator sizes – 120, 240, 280 and 360 mm – to achieve the highest computer cases compatibility possible. Thanks to this, users can choose the most interesting version according to their needs, requirements and owned equipment.

Stella HP ARGB 140 mm

One side of the radiator is covered by specially designed two Stella HP ARGB 140 mm fans. A special shape of the blades gurantees high static pressure needed for efficient air flow directly towards densely packed fins of the cooler, what – as a result – quickly decreases temperature of the liquid flowing inside the system. Equipped with a durable hydraulic bearing, the fans operatee smoothly and silently, and their speed is adjusted automatically with PWM signal.

  • Plug & Play type kit, works out of the box after connecting
  • Complex and configurable LED ARGB lighting of the pump block and Stella HP ARGB fans
  • 2 ways to control the lighting: Nano-Reset ARGB controller and compatible motherboards with popular ARGB systems
  • Highly efficient and massive copper waterblock
  • Reliable and silent 9-pole motor pump with hydraulic bearing
  • Aluminum radiator with large heat dissipation area
  • Efficient and designed specially for high static pressure, two illuminable Stella HP ARGB 140 mm fans
  • Lenghtened, elastic, braided rubber tubing providing compatibility even with large computer cases
  • Quick and intuitive assembly
  • Compatibility i.a. with AMD AM4, AMD TR4, Intel LGA 1151, Intel LGA 2066


In SilentiumPC Navis Evo ARGB 280, the 9-pole pump with a high quality hydraulic bearing takes care of liquid flow, providing its high rate as well as durability and reliability, and the ARGB LED lighting is its finishing touch.

Nano-Reset ARGB controller

Included Nano-Reset ARGB controller allows controlling the light effects even if user doesn’t have a compatible motherboard. The controller offers a dozen of different modes, such as, ‘rainbow’, ‘breathing’ or smooth color transitions.

CPU water block

The base of SilentiumPC Navis Evo ARGB 280 is a massive, copper water block which effectively transfers heat from the CPU to a liquid flowing through specially designed channels.

Efficient cooler

In SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB 280, the 280-milimeter radiator plays huge role in cooling the liquid, and its heat capacity is higher than the air coolers’.

Rubber tubing

All the pieces of SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB 280 cooling solution are connected with 380mm long, aesthetically braided rubber tubes that are extremely durable, yet flexible allowing for multiple installation options.

Plug&Play type kit

SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB 280 comes pre-assembled, filled with liquid and ready for simple installation right on CPU, no further maintenance is required. In a matter of minutes, it allows the user to enjoy operating conditions unattainable for air cooling sets.


Thanks to small dimensions of block integrated with pump user has ability to choose the tallest RAM modules possible and tinker freely around socket with power cables connecting PSU and fans.

TR4 mounting

Navis Evo ARGB 240, 280 and 360 mm were equipped with brackets for AMD Threadripper processors using the TR4 socket.

Pactum PT-2

Alongside SilentiumPC Navis EVO ARGB 280 there's Pactum PT-2 (5.0W/m.K) thermal compound included which ensures high performance of the all-in-one liquid cooling solution.

Set includes

  • Navis EVO ARGB 280 AIO KIT
  • 2 × Stella HP ARGB 140 mm PWM fan
  • Nano-Reset ARGB controller
  • Pactum PT-2 thermal paste
  • User manual

Technical specification

  • EAN:5903018660776
  • Product type:CPU Liquid Cooling
  • SIZE [mm]:54×310×140
  • BOX SIZE [mm]:212×385×168
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:1250
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:2040
  • TDP [W]:350
  • Fans included [pcs]:2
  • FAN SIZE [mm]:140
  • FAN SPEED [rpm]:800 – 1800 ± 10%
  • FAN MTBF:50 000
  • FAN CONNECTOR:4 pin PWM + 3 pin ARGB
  • FAN BEARING:Hydraulic (HBS)
  • PUMP SPEED:2500 ± 10%
  • PUMP BEARING:Ceramic
  • Warranty [m]:36
  • MOUNTING TYPE:Through Mobo
  • Liquid metal compatibility:YES
    • LGA 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156:YES
    • LGA 2066 / 2011-3 / 2011:YES
    • LGA 1366:YES
    • LGA 775:YES
    • AM4:YES
    • AM3(+) / AM2(+) / FM2(+) / FM1:YES
    • TR4:YES
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (3-pin):NO
    • Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (2+1-pin):YES

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