Nano Reset ARGB controller allows you to take advantage of all the visual qualities of your ARGB-backlit devices (with a 2+1 plug) also when you do not have a compatible motherboard or chassis equipped with a suitable controller. Addressable LED lighting (ARGB) means the ability to manage each LED separately. This gives you unbelievable possibilities of matching effects and colors to your preferences! The controller has several dozen predefined modes of operation and the user can choose one of many light effects as well as almost any of the 16 million colors in various combinations: from a shimmering rainbow, through fixed single-color lighting, modes of slow, gradual color change or calm ‘breathing’, up to a spectacular strobe. With the included ARGB signal splitter, the Nano Reset controller can control four ARGB devices simultaneously.

Splitter for 4 ARGB devices

The included splitter allows you to control the lighting of four different devices equipped with standard 3-pin ARGB connectors simultaneously.

Available illumination modes

Mode 1
Mode 2
Mode 3
Mode 4
Mode 5
Mode 6
Mode 7
Mode 8
Mode 9
Mode 10
Mode 11
Mode 12
Mode 13
Mode 14
Mode 15
Mode 16
Mode 17
Mode 18
Mode 19
Mode 20
Mode 21
Mode 22
Mode 23
Mode 24
Mode 25
Mode 26
Mode 27
Mode 28
Mode 29
Mode 30
Mode 31
Mode 32
Mode 33
Mode 34
Mode 35
Mode 36
Mode 37
Mode 38
Mode 39
Mode 40
Mode 41
Mode 42
Mode 43
Mode 44
Mode 45
Mode 46
Mode 47
Mode 48
Mode 49
Mode 50

Illumination control

The Nano Reset ARGB controller should be connected to the power supply (SATA plug), ARGB devices (ARGB 2 + 1 connectors), as well as to the RESET cable (2-pin) from the front control panel of the chassis. As a result, switching between available modes will take place after each press of the RESET button on the case. The controller remembers the lighting mode setting also after disconnecting the power supply.

Technical data

  • Product code:SPC279
  • EAN:5903018661476
  • Product type:Addressable ARGB illumination controller
  • Warranty [m]:24
  • Net weight [g]:25
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:29
  • Lighting Accessories parameters
    • Control method:RESET button

    Set includes

    • Nano-Reset ARGB controller
    • Splitter: 3-pin ARGB to 4 × 3-pin ARGB

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