Developed with Synergy Cooling

Unique design of Fortis 5 heatsink and tailored fan have been developed in cooperation with Synergy Cooling. Designed in tandem, main components of Fortis 5 have a synergistic effect on performance.

The Fortis 5 is a new SilentiumPC processor cooling system, developed in collaboration with Synergy Cooling. The distinguishing features include a completely new two-axis asymmetrical heatsink with densely packed fins, an optimized base with six heat pipes, and a completely new Fluctus fan optimized for static pressure, high airflow, and quiet operation. In terms of performance, the Fortis 5 can can easily compete with large twin-tower coolers, at the same time surpassing the best single-tower systems in cooling efficiency and psychoacoustic properties.

The Fortis 5 series is the next step in a revolutionary design developed in collaboration with Synergy Cooling, and another representative of the new generation of SilentiumPC cooling systems. It is equipped with a larger heatsink and a new version of the Fluctus fan. In addition to the single-fan Fortis 5, the Fortis 5 Dual Fan with two Fluctus fans (140 mm on the front and 120 mm on the back of the heatsink), and the Fortis 5 ARGB, which has been further visually enriched with an addressable LED lighting system, are also being available. All Fortis 5 series coolers are covered by an extensive 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

High performance, long life Fluctus 140 mm fan

Fluctus fans work best on dense heatsinks and water cooling radiators, where airflow is restricted. Uniquely profiled fan blades create high static pressure. New high endurance bearing ensures smooth, low noise operation with 100 000 h MTBF.

  • asymmetrical heatsink with 47 densely packed fins
  • six heat pipes in direct contact with the processor
  • efficient and nearly silent 140 mm Fluctus fan, developed in cooperation with Synergy Cooling
  • wide range of useful fan speeds + semi-passive mode
  • rubber anti-vibration elements in the corners of the fan
  • 159 mm tall - fits most popular cases
  • asymmetrical structure of the heatsink does not interfere with memory modules
  • convenient and easy-to-use mounting system for all popular processors
  • Pactum PT-3 thermal paste included
  • extensive 6-year manufacturer's warranty

Excellent acoustics

Serrated leading edges of fan blades contribute to noise reduction. This reduces prominent tonal noises and is at heart of our patent-pending psychoacoustic optimization.

Fan stop - optional semi-passive mode

Fluctus fans stop at very low PWM duty cycle and start automatically with rising duty cycle. Enthusiasts can create an optional semi-passive operation mode by adjusting the fan speed control curve.

Asymmetrical heatsink

Heatsink fins are asymmetrical and specially profiled for maximum performance and minimum noise. Install with the indicated airflow direction for best results.

Direct touch heatpipes

Heatsink base provides the best contact with the surface of modern CPUs. Six heatpipes are in direct contact with the CPU to improve heat transfer.

Easy mounting system

New, universal mounting system improves contact pressure between heatsink base and the processor. It has fewer parts and is easier to install in any position. Included pictorial manual and video guides explain the installation step-by-step.

6 year warranty

High quality and durability of FDB bearing together with Fluctus 140 mm fan IC is confirmed by long, 6 year warranty covering entire Fortis 5 cooling solution.

Pactum PT-3 thermal compound

Bundled thermal paste has high thermal conductivity and low viscosity. Pactum PT-3 combines high performance with ease of application. Bundled amount is sufficient for more than 3 applications.


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Technical data

  • EAN:5903018662893
  • Product type:CPU Air Cooling
  • SIZE [mm]:159×144×107
  • BOX SIZE [mm]:200×165×140
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:766
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:1085
  • TDP [W]:220
  • Heatpipes [pcs]:6
  • Fans included [pcs]:1
  • FAN SIZE [mm]:140
  • FAN SPEED [rpm]:300 ÷ 1400 ± 10%
  • FAN MTBF:100 000
  • Warranty [m]:72
  • MOUNTING TYPE:Through Mobo
  • Liquid metal compatibility:NO
    • LGA 1700


    • LGA 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156:YES
    • LGA 2066 / 2011-3 / 2011:YES
    • LGA 1366:NO
    • LGA 775:NO
    • AM4:YES
    • AM3(+) / AM2(+) / FM2(+) / FM1:YES
    • TR4:NO

    Set includes

    • Fortis 5 heatsink
    • 1 × 140 mm Fluctus fan
    • clips for a total of two fans
    • 1,5 g of Pactum PT-3 thermal paste
    • mounting kit
    • user instructions

    Caution! HE technology (direct contact between heatpipes and CPU) requires using dense thermal compound, like the one included in the package. Thermal compounds applied with brush are too thin and may affect the cooling performance unfavourably.

    Please DO NOT use ‘liquid metal’ type thermal compounds such as Coollaboratory Liquid Pro/Ultra, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal, etc. with this product, as they will corrode the aluminium part of the base. All the complaints regarding corroded heat sinks will be rejected.

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