The Aurora Stripes RGB set is one of the elements that will help you build a visually appealing gaming computer. No matter if you want some flashing light changing its colors over time or calm, toned one-color lighting, the Aurora Stripes RGB will meet your expectations and allow to give your PC new, unique character. You can also pair them with other RGB devices such as SilentiumPC Corona HP fans or RGB-enabled CPU cooling sets such as Fera 3 RGB, Fortis 3 RGB or Navis RGB.

Two stripes set

Two 30 cm long Aurora Stripes RGB consist of 18 LEDs each, what allows to add some illumination to interiors of computers mounted even in larger cases. Users can choose from all the different colors and effects to create a unique eye candy out of their PCs.

4-pin RGB compatibility

Aurora Stripes RGB are compatible with 12V 4-pin RGB solutions that are common on modern motherboards. The supported systems are: ASUS Aura (4-pin RGB), ASRock Polychrome Sync (4-pin RGB), EVGA RGB header (4-pin RGB), MSI Mystic Light (4-pin RGB), Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 (4-pin RGB). The Aurora Stripes can also be connected to external controllers such as SilentiumPC Aurora Sync, Aurora Sync Pro or Nano-RGB (e.g. in Armis RGB chassis series).

Multiple devices, one socket

Thanks to the fact that each of the stripes is equipped with a splitter at the end of a 65 cm long cable, it is possible to connect multiple RGB devices using one controller’s or motherboard’s socket and adjust all the connected hardware simultaneously.

Technical specification

  • Product code:SPC246
  • EAN:5903018661063
  • Product type:LED RGB illumination
  • Warranty [m]:24
  • Net weight [g]:35
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:63
  • BOX DIMENSIONS [mm]:24×104×104
  • Lighting Accessories parameters
    • LED stripes count [pcs]:2
    • LED stripe length [mm]:300
    • LED quantity on stripe [pcs]:18
    • Voltage (V):12
    • Current (A):0.40
    • Cable length [mm]:650
    • Control method:Controller / Motherboard

    Set includes

    • 2 × Aurora Stripes RGB
    • user manual

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