Smart design

Atlas NT-L10 is made of black painted aluminum with silver details - table made this way is not just great work assistant, but also a good looking gadget

Atlas NT-L10 is a multipurpose table which can help you arrange your working space anywhere at home or at the office. Imagine you can work on your notebook comfortably almost anywhere you wish: at the desk, on the couch, bed or floor in any position you can think of. The Atlas NT-L10 can be an ergonomical pad or a multipurpose table. The structure and the base of the table is made from aluminum ensuring lightness, mobility and high durability. Atlas NT-L10 can also serve as a great breakfast table.

Height and angle adjustment

Set of three aluminum elements that can rotate by 360 degrees give almost endless possibilities to adjust height and angle

  • Elegant and practical construction
  • Structure and base made from aluminum
  • Light and mobile
  • Height and angle adjustment
  • Various ways of use
  • May serve as bed breakfast table

Safe workplace

Your hardware is safe - your hardware will not slide thanks to rough surface of tabletop. 20-milimeter high edge is additional safeguard mounted at the bottom

Auto-blocking mechanism

An intuitively designed auto-blocking mechanism – just press a button and the element will automatically block

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