Following the success of the original Aquarius concept, we decided to present a bit smaller model, the new Aquarius M60W. This understated chassis is all about minimalism and build quality. Targeted at hi-end workstations or gaming PCs it’s made from incredibly rigid 0.7 mm steel and features a large side window for showing off the components.

Like it’s bigger sibling the Aquarius M60W also offers extensive support for both AIO and custom watercooling systems. Up to three radiators can be installed including a whopping 360 mm variant in the front.

Simplified internal layout improves airflow and aesthetics of the complete system. Specially formed cover next to the motherboard tray instantly hides all the cables making cable management easier than ever. Another metal cover on the bottom separates the PSU and HDDs from the rest of the components.

Extra width allows the Aquarius M60W to accommodate CPU coolers up to 175mm high and graphics cards up to 410 mm long. It also offers space for up to five SSD/HDD drives (3 × 3.5” and 2 × 2.5”) as well as two 5.25” drive bays which are completely removable if required.

Superior airflow is ensured straight out of the box with 3 × 140mm pre-installed fans. Additional two 120/140mm ones can be installed up top. All the fans are connected through a 5-port hub to a front-mounted 3-step controller which allows setting airflow-noise level just right. Easy to remove and clean dust filters seal the front, top and bottom openings.


  • Minimalistic exterior and interior design
  • High quality construction with 0.7 mm steel
  • Simplified interior layout for greater airflow and stealth look
  • Enhanced cable management options with internal cable cover
  • Bottom chamber cover for PSU & HDDs
  • Extensive AIO & custom water cooling support
  • Supports graphics cards up to 410 mm long and CPU coolers up to 175 mm high
  • 3 × 140 mm fans pre-installed, total up to 5 × fans & fan controller included
  • Large window side panel

Tech specs:

  • Dimensions: 445(H) × 440(L) × 210(W) mm
  • Motherboard support: mATX / ATX
  • PSU: ATX standard (not included)
  • Expansion slots: 7
  • Construction: 0.7 mm steel, ABS
  • Net weight: 7.45 kg
  • Drive bays:
    • External: 2 × 5.25″
    • Internal: 3 × 3.5″ (1 × 3.5” and 2 × 2.5″) + 2 × 2.5”
  • Maximum VGA card length: 410 mm
  • Maximum CPU cooler height: 175 mm
  • Cooling system (up to five fans in total, 3 fans included):
    • Front: 2 × 140 mm fans included (1200rpm) / option for 2 × 120 mm fans
    • Rear: 1 × 140 mm fan included (1200rpm)
    • Top: 2 × 120/140 mm fans (optional)
    • 5-port fan hub pre-installed inside the case
    • 3-step fan controller on the front panel
  • Front panel interface:
    • 2 × USB 3.0
    • 2 × USB 2.0
    • 1 × Headphone jack (HD Audio)
    • 1 × Microphone jack (HD Audio)

Additional information:

  • EAN Code: 5904730204194
  • Product code: SPC127

Aquarius M60W case is modding friendly. With the use of  this full window panel template it very easy to make an acrylic side panel.

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