SilentiumPC cooling system compatibility with the LGA1700 platform


The latest SilentiumPC cooling system, the Fera 5, is fully compatible with the new Intel platform and already includes an LGA1700 mounting system. Mounting systems enabling the use of legacy SilentiumPC coolers with the LGA1700 socket will be available in the near future.

LGA1700 is a new processor socket designed for 12th generation Intel Core systems. Compared to previous generations, as in the LGA 115x and LGA 1200, the new processors and socket are larger. Due to this, the spacing of the mounting holes has increased. The latest SilentiumPC cooling systems – the Fera 5, Fera 5 Dual and Fera 5 ARGB – are equipped with the appropriate mounting systems, so all current and future owners of the Fera 5 can conveniently mount their CPU cooler onto the vast majority of LGA1700 equipped motherboards* – without the need for any additional parts. A similar set will also be included with all upcoming coolers.

Users of legacy SilentiumPC cooling systems who wish to use them with the new Intel processors will be able to use one of the following upgrade kits:

  • LGA1700 AC1 upgrade kit – for use with the Fortis 3, Fera 3 and Grandis 2 series of cooling systems, available in November.
  • LGA1700 AC2 upgrade kit – for use with the Spartan 4 and Grandis 3 series of cooling systems, available in Q1 2022.
  • LGA1700 LC1 upgrade kit – for use with the Navis series of cooling systems, available in Q1 2022.

Customers who have purchased any Fera 3, Fortis 3, Grandis 2, Grandis 3 or Navis series of SilentiumPC cooling systems will receive the appropriate mounting kit free of cost, excluding shipping. All they have to do is fill out a simple form on the SilentiumPC website.

*SilentiumPC makes every effort to ensure that our cooling systems are compatible with the largest number of available motherboards utilizing the new LGA1700 socket. Unfortunately, some motherboard manufacturers are introducing components that may cause problems with the installation of certain CPU coolers. More info at LGA1700 motherboard compatibility notice.