Sigma HPE 120 mm PWM

High static pressure Sigma HPE fans are included for optimal airflow through a fin matrix. They are equipped with uprated fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) for long-life operation in horizontal or vertical positions and PWM controlled.

SilentiumPC Navis Pro 120 is proprietary, high performance all-in-one CPU liquid cooling solution, made for the fastest CPUs on the market. With focus on built quality, reliability and performance the unit features professional grade ceramic bearings and 9-pole motor pump to ensure smooth and noise-free operation.

Plug&Play product

Silentium Navis Pro 120 comes pre-assembled, filled with liquid and ready for simple installation right on CPU, no further maintenance is required

  • Copper cold-plate for excellent heat transfer and top-level cooling performance
  • 9-pole pump motor for smooth and noise-free operation
  • High static pressure Sigma HPE 120mm fan for optimal airflow through a fin matrix
  • all-aluminum radiator with large dissipation area
  • Flexible, braided tubing for versatility
  • High performance Pactum PT-2 thermal compound included
  • Plug&Play product, ready for simple installation right on CPU
  • 5-year warranty in door-to-door system


Thanks to small dimensions of block integrated with pump user has ability to choose the tallest RAM modules possible and tinker freely around socket with power cables connecting PSU and fans

Cold plate

The cornerstone of a good cooling solution such as SilentiumPC Navis Pro 120 is a massive, copper cold-plate with series of flow-optimized channels which enables efficient heat transfer from CPU to liquid flowing inside the product


Moving liquid inside the loop is essential to SilentiumPC Navis Pro 120 performance and therefore high performence, 9-pole pump motor takes care of that providing smooth, noise-free and hassle-free operation backed up by 5 year warranty


SilentiumPC Navis Pro 120 is equipped with all-aluminum, single, 120mm radiator which provides better heat capacity than standard air cooling solutions. This makes Navis Pro the most suitable product to cool overclocked, high performance CPUs.


Every piece of SilentiumPC Navis Pro 120 cooling solution is connected with 330mm long braided tubes that are extremely durable yet flexible allowing for multiple installation options

Pactum PT-2

Alongside SilentiumPC Navis Proi 120 there's Pactum PT-2 (5.0W/m.K) thermal compound included which ensures high performance of the all-in-one liquid cooling solution

Technical specification

  • EAN:5904730204514
  • Product type:CPU Liquid Cooling
  • SIZE [mm]:154×120×52
  • NET WEIGHT [g]:900
  • GROSS WEIGHT [g]:1260
  • TDP [W]:270
  • Fans included [pcs]:1
  • FAN SIZE [mm]:120
  • FAN SPEED [rpm]:800 ÷ 2300 ± 10%
  • FAN MTBF:100 000
  • PUMP SPEED:2300 ± 10%
  • PUMP BEARING:Ceramic
  • Warranty [m]:60
  • MOUNTING TYPE:Through Mobo
  • Liquid metal compatibility:YES
    • LGA 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156:YES
    • LGA 2066 / 2011-3 / 2011:YES
    • LGA 1366:YES
    • LGA 775:YES
    • AM4:YES
    • AM3(+) / AM2(+) / FM2(+) / FM1:YES
    • TR4:NO

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