Aurora Lighting System RGB-302

SilentiumPC Aurora Lighting System RGB-302 consists of two LED stripes which can emit light in eight different colours: white, red, green, blue, purple, light blue, pink and intensive green. Stripes are very flexible and have integrated magnets. Double-sided adhesive tape is also included. Thanks to that users can customize interior according to their own idea.

Aurora Lighting System RGB-302 stripes are regulated by a controller. Apart from choosing between eight different colours one can modify level of brightness: full and low. Moreover, it is also possible to turn pulsation on and of course to turn it off. The controller can be mounted in expansion slot or in any other suitable place using added double-sided tape.

Main features of Aurora Lighting System RGB-302:

  • Two flexible LED stripes, each 30 cm long.
  • Wide capabilities of arrangement thanks to integrated magnets and double-sided adhesive tape.
  • 8 different colours to choose from.
  • Three different lighting modes with turn off option.
  • Easy to mount:
    • back of case, expansion slot,
    • attached in every selected space (added tape).

Technical specification:

  • Lenght: 30 cm (+/- 1 cm).
  • SATA power connector.
  • Power: 12 V, 0.3 A, 3.6 W.
  • Lenght of power cables: 44 cm.
  • Colours:
    • red,
    • green,
    • blue,
    • white,
    • purple,
    • light blue,
    • pink,
    • intensive green.
  • Lighting modes:
    • full brightness,
    • low brightness,
    • pulsation,
    • turned OFF.

Logistic data:

  • EAN: 5904730204422
  • Product code: SPC148
  • Waga produktu: 142 g

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