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Aquarius X70T Pure Black

Published: 13 April 2017
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SilentiumPC Aquarius X70T Pure Black case was created for enthusiasts who like to show off their PC without need to open the case – this is in case of using visually appealing hardware and/or liquid cooling. A closer look into internals can be achieved, because side panel of the case is made of tempered glass which measures 430 mm width and 427 mm height. This transparent side panel is mounted using 4 screws and therefore user can always look inside the case.

SilentiumPC Aquarius X70T Pure Black is a case with huge capabilities in arranging liquid cooling systems. It can hold two radiators for two, 120 or 140 mm fans, which can be mounted in the front of the case, as well as above the motherboard. The third radiator, with 120 mm fan, can be installed on the back side of the case,  where originally Sigma Pro 120 mm fan was installed. Thanks to that building very efficient and silent PC is possible.

Hardware mounted behind tempered glass inside Aquarius X70T is clearly visible even at night thanks to integrated RGB LED lighting system. This system consists of two LED stripes, inverter, IR receiver and remote controller which is able to change colors and/or lighting mode.

LED stripes are 25 cm long and each consists of 12 SMD LED (5050). Included stripes can be mounted practically anywhere inside the case thanks to integrated magnets; these are strong enough to ensure that mounting of LED stripes is reliable. Aquarius X70T lighting system has static/dynamic modes to choose from and can emit 7 different colors: red, green, blue, light blue, violet, yellow and white. Using hidden on front of the case IR receiver and included remote controller user can change colors/modes remotely.

Modern construction of SilentiumPC Aquarius X70T Pure Black case prioritizes air flow which enables very effective cooling of processor, graphic card and other components installed. Pre-equipped option of the case has three Sigma Pro 120 mm fans, however, users can mount three additional ones. Four of them can be 140 mm in diameter. The case also has double channel, three step controller for up to 5 fans.

Aquarius X70T was also well prepared for custom liquid cooling systems. Due to the fact that the back side of motherboard tray has 30mm of free space it can hold proper cable arrangement with possibility to lead liquid pipes.
SilentiumPC Aquarius X70W Pure Black is a spatial construction which allows to mount very long graphic cards (max 415 mm). The case can handle up to two 3,5” hard drives, three 2,5” drives and also two 5,25” devices.



Difference between Aquarius X70T and Aquarius X70W:

  • classic side panel with window is replaced in X70T by side panel made entirely of tempered glass,
  • X70T has integrated RGB LED lighting with static and dynamic effects, easily changeable with remote controller.

Key features:

  • side panel made entirely of tempered glass,
  • RGB LED lighting system with static and dynamic effects
  • Superb liquid cooling supports up to 3 radiators (in front for two 120/140 mm or for three 120 mm, on top for two 120/140 mm, back for one 120 mm fan).
  • 3 Sigma Pro 120 mm fans included (space for 3 additional).
  • 2 controllers for up to 5 fans, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0 on the front.
  • Removable dust filters, top and front easy to dismount.
  • Compatibility with large graphic cards (up do 415 mm) and high CPU coolers (up to 175 mm).


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Technical specification:

  • Dimensions: 478×507×240 mm (Szer.×Wys.×Gł.)
  • Motherboard support: mITX/mATX/ATX.
  • Net weight: 7,9 KG.
  • 2 controllers for up to 5 fans.
  • Drive bays:
    • External:
      • 2 × 5,25”
    • Internal:
      • 2 × 3,5” (2,5″ drive can be mounted in each)
      • 3 × 2,5″ (one behind motherboard tray)
  • Expansions slots: 7
  • Maximum VGA lenght: 415 mm
  • Maximum CPU height: 175 mm
  • Cooling system (3 fans included, maximum 6):
    • front: 2 × 120 mm Sigma Pro fan (1200 obr./min.), space to mount 2x 140 mm or 3x 120 mm fans,
    • back: 1 × 120 mm Sigma Pro fan (1200 obr./min.),
    • top: space for 2 × 120/140 mm fans.
  • Front panel interface:
    • 2 × USB 3.0 (connected internally),
    • 2 × USB 2.0 (connected internally),
    • 1 × headphone jack (HD Audio),
    • 1 × microphone jack (HD Audio),
    • 2 × fan controller for up to 5 fans.
  • PSU (ATX Standard): not included
  • Additions:
    • side panel made of tempered glass,
    • integrated RGB LED lighting system with remote controller.
  • Product code: SPC171
  • EAN: 5904730204743

Attention, set doesn’t include PC hardware like motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card, PSU or drives.