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About us

Being a PC enthusiast or a gamer on a budget is an uneasy task, choosing all those high-end components, loads of RAM and powerful graphics usually leaves you with only a small amount of money to spend on decent case or power supply. Having such experience ourselves we were confident we can design products that combine ultimate functionality with best value for money and aesthetically pleasing design.

This is the genesis of SilentiumPC established in 2007, Warsaw, Poland.

Since then we bring high-quality silent PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions that simply get the job done without breaking the bank. And how we do it? Well, we share the old-school belief that good products are the key to success. No aggressive marketing, no flashy banners everywhere, no mighty slogans. Instead we’re putting our efforts in effective design and smart cost-cutting so you get no fancy boxes or stuff you don’t need, just the pure essence of functionality at unbeatable prices.

Product development process is focused on user-experience, how the product will function, how you will interact with it. We start from asking the right questions to the right people and choosing the most desired features.

But we don’t have just good contact with end-users and enthusiasts, we are the part of gaming and overclocking community ourselves. Most ideas come first hand and we implement and test everything ourselves first. Yeah, even the guys at the warehouse mod their PC’s. So it’s safe to say all SilentiumPC products are not tested on animals, they are tested on us!

Our fair and consistent approach has been appreciated, over the years SilentiumPC grown to become one of the most recognizable and popular brands in Poland, highly praised by the users, press and business partners. This inspired our confidence to expand to other EU markets and we hope you’ll be the part of this next step of our master-plan.

So this is us our little world of SilentiumPC and you are welcome.


Established in 2007 in Warsaw, Poland SilentiumPC brand is the business division of, family owned distribution company specialized in high-end cooling solutions.


  • 2007: SilentiumPC established; Zephyr fans hit the market
  • August 2009: First case released Gladius GD-400
  • February 2010: Spartan and Fortis CPU Coolers released
  • April 2011: Brutus BT-310 introduced
  • 2012: Manufacturer of the Year 2012 Award @ [ Poland ]
  • 2012: Deus series power supplies hit the market and become instant success

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Company data:


ul. Okrzei 9
05-870 Błonie
Vat ID: PL5290005390

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ul. Jutrzenki 73
02-230 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 2920130

X60 Window KIT

X60 Window KIT

Windowed side panel for Gladius X60 Pure Black case. Technical Data: Dimensions of the window: 300 x 300 mm

21 October 2014

Gladius Q50 Pure Black

Gladius Q50 Pure Black

No one ever said a gaming PC cannot be small and pretty. Gladius Q50 is an exceptionally classy looking mini-ITX […]

17 September 2014

Brutus S30 Pure Black (BT-S30)

Brutus S30 Pure Black (BT-S30)

With understated design and smart layout the SilentiumPC Brutus S30 Pure Black delivers much more than expected from a budget […]

22 August 2014

Brutus S20 Pure Black (BT-S20)

Brutus S20 Pure Black (BT-S20)

With elegant design and smart layout the SilentiumPC Brutus S20 Pure Black delivers much more than expected from a budget […]

20 August 2014

Infantis LP812

Infantis LP812

Being only 29,5mm high the Infantis LP812 is a CPU cooling solution primarily intended for confined spaces of slim mini-ITX […]

15 July 2014